About Me

Artful Journey ~ Karen Hatzgeorgiou

Pictures of Me ~ 2013 – 2014

Here’s a little bit about me~

• My name is Karen Julia Hatzigeorgiou, and I am the oldest of four girls.
• I was born and raised in California and can’t imagine living anywhere else.
• I’ve been writing poems, songs, and stories from my life for as long as I can remember.
• I learned to play the guitar when I was twelve.
• I learned to sew when I was in junior high school and made two of my sisters’ wedding dresses.
• Pink popcorn is one of my favorite junk foods.
• I have been teaching high school and middle school Language Arts for twenty-eight years.
• I love to seek out and photograph cemeteries.
• I met my husband Michael while vacationing in Greece, and we’ve been married twenty-nine years.
• I love to be creative . . . whether making altered books, collage art, jewelry, writing, or fixing up old images to put online.
• I was a runner in my early twenties but stopped. Then I started up again two years ago.
• In February of 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.