Nature Poems from A Cup of Sky

I guess it was almost two years ago now that I finished my altered book A Cup of Sky. Here are two poems that I like from the book.

drops fall
in the sweet sweeping rush
of the rain
into the sea
in to
the cup of its shining waters.
to a tranquil,
brown-eyed little river
or the brook
that plunged
over the edge of the cliff
and froze to a stalactite of crystal
my waterfall.

a frosty gem whirls by
and all is fresh and pure
old scars are hidden
lies heal over
old and gray are perfect
as perfect.
A snowflake of air
yet bewildering
is beyond the power of
metal or wood or stone.
Nothing in nature
nothing in art
is so unique
crystals descend
from the fingers of a fairy.
O to be the first
as men looked up
at this gift from the skies.

If you like these poems, be sure to visit A Cup of Sky to see the art work and read all the poems from the book.

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