Images for Altered Books and Other Art

I try, about every other month, to post public domain images on my web site on my Public Domain Images page to provide scans of pictures that people can use in their art. I love to purchase vintage magazines, postcards, and old books that contain beautiful engravings and photographs that I can use in my artwork. But I can’t use everything, so I occasionally try to share my stash. It takes some time and energy to scan, fix-up, resize, and upload the images, but I don’t mind. I don’t like the idea that these lovely illustrations and photographs will disappear and be forgotten. Hopefully they will be used by others to make something beautiful. This month I have added three pages of Valentine Pictures, just in time for February. Have fun with them!

7 thoughts on “Images for Altered Books and Other Art

  1. I was lead to your main website through your gallery at ISABA and then from your main website to your blog.

    I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed wondering through your galleries and admiring your art. Thank you so very much for sharing with us!

  2. I ran across a link this morning I thought you would like. Maybe you have already seen it, but it made me think of you and your wonderful altered books. Corsets made into books!

    I still haven’t started working on my first altered book yet, but your web site continues to inspire me and make me want to give it a try. 😀

  3. Karen, thank you SO very much for providing all that beautiful clipart! Having googled and found your whimsies, I got to your blog – I’ve bookmarked you, and will check back often (oh, and I’ve linked you to my blog – hope that’s OK 🙂
    Kind regards, Charlotte Kemsley

  4. Thank you so much for these lovely photos and for sharing them! I am really into deceropodge and have been trying to find vintage photos that are for the public domain. Thanks again.

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