Nine Inch Nails vs Mark Knopfler

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Want to feel young again? Go to a rock concert!

I had the good fortune to be able to go to two concerts in just over two weeks this month. The first one I went to was at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley where my husband and I saw the amazing Mark Knopfler with Emmylou Harris. Michael and I are Dire Straits fans from way back. And one of my favorite albums of all time was an album of Harris’s — I’ve forgotten the name, but I can picture the cover. (I just tried to find the title on iTunes, but it wasnt’ there!) I played that record till I wore the grooves right through. And when I accidentally left it in my car and it melted, I bought another one — the only time in my life I’ve ever done that.

Now I’m not a big (or little) fan of country music, but when I heard “This is Us” from Knopfler and Harris’s new CD All the Road Running, I knew I had to have it. And when I found out they were coming to town, I knew we had to go. So the tickets were my Father’s Day present to Michael, and his Mother’s Day present to me.

The music was awesome. The sound was clear as crystal and the harmonies made me feel like I was in a church of music. The only downside was the seating. The people who built the Greek Theatre really took those Greek ideas literally. Unless you can afford to buy the primo seats down front, you end up sitting in a concrete amphitheater. Luckily, I had experience there and brought some seat cushions to sit on. We were packed in shoulder to shoulder and toe to butt. Bleacher style seating really does a number on my back these days. I was really feeling my age. Funny, but I don’t remember my back bothering me during the Eurhythmics concert at the same venue twenty years ago. Still, the music, the guitar, the back-up musicians were all so talented. It was a wonderful night.

Now imagine me going to see Nine Inch Nails at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. I’m a new fan of NIN and don’t know a lot of their older songs. I know some die-hard fans think their latest CD is the weakest, but I absolutely love it. I’m sure if I play “The Hand That Feeds” or “All the Love in the World” one more time, Michael will divorce me. So I just close the door . . . and crank it up. When I heard they would be playing here, I hemmed and hawed over the ticket price, and then gave in and bought four tickets. I thought my sons would jump at the chance to go see them, but I had to practically drag my youngest son and my nephew to go, and my oldest son, the one with the mohawk/piercings/leather/tatoos bailed on me the night of the concert.

Well, I had the best time I’ve had in a long time. The Knopfler/Harris concert was great, but the NIN concert got me out of my seat and shaking my 49 year old bootie more than I have since before I got married! Everyone was rocking out in their little seat space. Not only was the music great, but so was the people-watching. Whereas the Knopfler/Harris audience was made up mostly of people around my own age wearing jeans and suede jackets and fashionable shoes and glasses so we could see, the Nine Inch Nails concert was full of young and old punkers wearing black leather, black fishnet (on top and bottom), black corsets, pink hair, piercings, black eyeliner, and enough tatoos to cover a quilt thrown over the stage. It was fantastic! I may have been one of the oldest people there, but I felt as though I was in my twenties again. If you haven’t been in a while, I highly recommend going to a good rock show for its theraputic value!

4 thoughts on “Nine Inch Nails vs Mark Knopfler

  1. I totally agree about a rock concert making you feel young at heart! I just went to my second Disturbed concert in less than 6 months and I loved every minute of it! The first was at a cozy theatre called the Fillmore and the second one was last week at the Coors Ampitheater with a miniature Ozzfest offering. Both times I took younger ones with me–the first time was Will, 18, from work and this time I took my son and his friend since they had just turned 16. I don’t think either of them were disappointed about showing up with some “old chick” (in fact Will constantly tells me how kewl I am). We all had a great time and I think it’s super that at 49 you’re just discovering NIN. I’ve been to many a concert in my life beginning with Def Leppard and including Michael Jackson (when he was black and had a nose), to the likes of Melissa Etheridge, Alan Jackson, and even a concert flutist-James Gallway. It’s definately an experiece that I hope to continue into my “old” years. Maybe when I’m 73 instead of 37 I’ll still be rocking the house down!

    Rock on!

  2. thanks for sharing your new found love,NIN, and rediscovering music, i am just discovering Sonic Youth, and at 35 feeling crazy, young again,
    i also enjoyed your use of broken dolls, in art collage,i have some in my garden plantings and thot i
    was being weird, but you described it all perfectly why i feel a draw to the serendipity of the found broken art piece…

    i want to create a shadow box, type art to display
    medals, belt buckles from races that i accomplished,so
    they are not just sitting around, i am semi, art oriented but not totally, any links or suggestions on how to? just even a kind link would help…
    thanks for being inspiring, jennk

  3. I too am a new fan of NIN, Maybe being new fans we can appreciate where they have evolved to. I put it in my car and jam all the way to work…keep on rocking….

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