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As many of you may know, I am in love with the artwork of Daniel Merriam. If you haven’t seen his amazing paintings yet, then please visit is web site (but be sure to come back!)

A while ago I received an email from a woman who has a giclee by Mr. Merriam that she is desperate to sell because of a “precipitous financial situation.” She asked me to help her out, and so I’m going to try to do what I can to help her find a good home for “Serenade,” shown above.

Of course, Gail has an interesting story to go along with her painting. It seems that she had been following Daniel Merriam’s work for several years in the ads in Art & Antiques magazine. Finally, they did a feature article on Daniel in the December 2003 edition. Gail took the article to Dan Fiorini, a gallery owner and friend and told him how much she wished she could get a print of “Serenade” – her favorite of all Merriam’s pictures. Dan vowed that, if there was a way to find one, he would do it.

After some correspondence, Mr. Fiorini found a colleague at another gallery who was a personal friend of Merriam’s, and she volunteered to contact him and see if he might have kept back a print that he would be willing to sell. (The original limited edition had been sold out long ago.) Merriam responded that, while he had not retained a copy for himself, he had never issued a print numbered “13” (13/100). So, it was arranged that he would issue a #13, add a remarque, and ship it to Fiorini Gallery & Frame, in St. Petersburg, Florida. A couple of months later, in early 2004, Gail brought her “monnkee” home.

The Certificate of Authenticity is from Monarch Editions, Daniel Merriam’s publisher. It is signed and numbered by the artist, as is the giclee itself. Gail says, “I suppose you could say that I bought it from the artist, since it really did not come from one of the galleries that sell his work.” She goes on to say, “It was my first adventure in buying ‘real art,’ and I had adored this particular work from the first time I saw it. I’ve always referred to it as me monnkee (think Jamaican accent) and it is breaking my heart to let him go – you should see his lips! The background is filled with faces – some easy to make out, some not. There are penciled-in lyrics to the ‘Garden Song’ that Merriam has him singing while he plays his ornate piano. Every time you gaze awhile, you see more in the scene. Wonderful!”
Gail is asking $3200 or best offer for this artwork.

You can contact Gail by sending an email to dibblegail at yahoo.com.

8 thoughts on “Daniel Merriam Art for Sale

  1. Good morning … I am the Dan Fiorini mentioned in the Daniel Merriam story! Were you able to sell the work for Gail? I’ve known Gail for many years and I know she was just heartsick at having to sell this beautiful work. I haven’t spoken to Gail in some time, having lost touch with her, so any info would be appreciated. THX!

    Dan Fiorini

  2. I have been selling art for years and I have never head of Daniel Merriam. What a shame it took me so long to run into his work, it is Brilliant! I visited his website, What beautiful paintings!

  3. hello, the webmaster at the above comment turned me onto the art of Daneil Merriam, I agree with him, it is a shame that it took both of use (we are both fantasy art fans) so long to run into his work!

  4. I was very fortunate to meet the Artist today while he was at a gallery in Fashion Valley in San Diego. I have never come across his work and I just fell in love with it. I would really like to find his “Off the Deep End” and “Cherchez La Femme”. If at all possible. He signed my “The Eye of a Dreamer” and personalized it with Puriti Kuroneko which means Pretty Black Cat. I wish I could live in his World for an evening of incredible dreams.

  5. I have an original of Daniel Merriam, Heart takes flight. I purchased from the Kaliedescope Gallery in Southern California and Daniel signed the back of the framing.

    Does anyone have a value for his original work?

  6. I have a copy of “Seranade” and can’t imagine parting with it! My ‘monkee’ plays on in my living room and I would love to have ‘Ode de Papillon’ to face ‘Seranade’.

  7. I saw Daniel Merriam at the Kaleidoscope Art Gallery in Mission Viejo back in 1999 (?). I fell in love with one of his paintings and have not been able to find it anywhere. The title is Holding On Till The End. Daniel signed my program and it was the picture on the cover of the program. I couldn’t afford to buy the original at the time, but I’m now wondering where I can find a copy at best.

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