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The Art of Happiness – Page 44

Having last week off gave me a chance to add some pages to my altered book The Art of Happiness and to put the pages on my web site. I really like the way this particular page turned out. The blue woman came about in a happy accident. I had applied blue acrylic paint with a sponge to a stencil to make the little squares in the background. Then I used a baby wipe to clean the plastic stencil. I noticed all the blue paint on the wipe and swiped some of across paint across a piece of scratch paper. I loved the way the paper was tinted with color, similar to when I use acrylic inks. The color is deep and intense but transparent at the same time. So I just proceeded to rub the wipe across the image of the woman. I didn’t think about it until afterwards, but the tinted woman reminds me of one of Joseph Cornell’s pieces — The Medici Princess. Cornell liked to use a lot of blue in his work — something about purity, ocean, sky. I guess he’s entering my subconscious and influencing my art work now.

The Medici Princess
from the University of Illinois

And now for some exciting news for all you S.F. Bay Area people. Daniel Merriam is going to be signing his new book The Art of Daniel Merriam: The Eye of the Dreamer at The Booksmith at 1644 Haight Street on December 6, at 7:00 p.m. He’ll be giving a talk too! His new book is listed on Amazon. (apparently it came out in September), but it’s currently unavailable. You can get more information on Daniel Merriam’s book signing by calling the bookstore at 415.863.8688. I’m going to see if my sister will go with me. I am a tad reluctant to go into the city on a work night, but I might have to make an exception for this. Maybe I’ll run into some of my blog readers there!

The Eye of the Dreamer
from Daniel Merriam’s Web Site

9 thoughts on “More Happiness

  1. Hi Karen- I just discovered you today during a search for “vintage baby” images. I’ve been enjoying your site so much and I just read the story behind your beautiful piece, “The Gift”, about your mother. I think your artwork is an amazing tribute. I am a cloth dollmaker, but find myself so intrigued by assemblage art. All of your works are gorgeous. I’ve entered my name on your mailing list.

  2. Very nice wp site Karen!
    I am working on a new site for input from people on my artwork but it is turning out to be quite the job.
    keep up the good “work”

  3. Hi Karen I too love your work and the generous sharing of it, and tips and techniques and downloads on your website. I have just linked you to a forum in Australia that I participate in so you will be getting some more Aussie visitors soon. Hope that is OK with you!!!Kepp up the beautiful work, it is divine!


  4. hi karen, have loved your site for a while and just came across your ‘art of happiness’ journal pages which i think are just amazing. thank you for sharing!

  5. Your website is amazing and presents such great examples of altered books. I am going to show it to some teens this summer for inspiration in starting their own altered books.

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