Gaudi’s Park Guell

I was thinking about Barcelona yesterday. I spent four amazing days there in the summer of 2007. Long enough to get a tantalizing taste, and short enough not to become disillusioned. Yes, I had a love affair with Barcelona. I think about her often. I would live with her if I could, but alas, it is not to be. This is strictly a long-distance relationship, fed by memories and photographs, some of which I’m going to share with you today.

One of my favorite things about Barcelona is the art and architecture, which through the work of Antonio Gaudi, become inextricably connected. I’m just going to share a few photographs from one of my favorite Gaudi designs – Park Guell.

Porter’s House – Park Guell

My dad and I took a subway ride and made a steep climb to the top of Carmel Hill to get there. As you can see in the picture above, the view is amazing from the top, even on this hazy day.

Park Guell was built between 1900 and 1914. It was originally supposed to be a community of luxury homes, but the development failed, and the land was purchased by the local government and turned into a park. Lucky us!

There are winding paths, terraces, gardens, vaulted ceilings, and colonnades. Many of the surfaces are covered with colorful ceramic tiles. Apparently, they were made from plates and pottery that Gaudi and his workers smashed into small pieces and then used to create intricate mosaics atop many of the park’s structures.

One of my favorite parts of Park Gruell is the undulating bench on the upper terrace. You can really get a close up look at the beautiful ceramic tile work, as shown in the images below. One can only imagine the amount of time and patience it took to create the bench alone. Unfortunately, I was so focused on the details, I didn’t take a single long-shot view of the bench, so I’ve included a couple here from Wikipedia Commons so you can get an idea of what it’s like.

Photo by Deror Avi from Wikipedia

Photo by Baikonur from Wikipedia

Here are some close-up images I took of the tile work at Park Guell.

Here’s a nice little homemade video of the park by Dennis Callan.

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  1. Hi Karen!!

    While out looking for angel wings I found your Karens Whimsy site!! Thank you so much, you have done a most remarkable job!! :c)I would love to link to your blog, so I can easily come for a visit. I also would like to post about you if you don’t mind?? When you find yourself in Bloglandia come by for a visit. I’ll put on a kettle for tea :c)

    Pattie :c)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  2. I was in Barcelona in March of 2007 and feel exactly the same way. It’s an enchanting city, full of beauty, great food, and wonderful people. I had two weeks there and didn’t really want to come home. The weather wasn’t good enough to get to Park Guell when I was there. It’s an excuse to go back. Thought you might enjoy the pictures I took too, as I enjoyed yours.

    Here’s my pics on Flickr:

  3. I am right now studying in Barcelona and doing a project on Park Guell and came across your blog. I absolutely love it. This city is absolutely amazing, and even after all my travels across Europe it is still one of my favorite cities. The park is unbelievable and shouldn’t be missed. My parents have recently come to visit and fell in love with it as I did. My friends and I pack lunch and take picnics there weekly. Sometimes I even just go for a run there, considering its very hilly and challenging, but it is a must see. If you are ever in Barcelona, you can’t miss it! It is one of my personal favorite places in the world for its whimsical, fun, playful atmosphere.

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