Contemporary Wall Decor :: Stone Heart

Contemporary Wall Decor :: Stone Heart

I just added Contemporary Wall Decor :: Stone Heart to my Wall Hangings Gallery. It’s very dark– makes me think of broken love or wearing your heart outside on your sleeve or looking inside a chest that’s been cracked open during surgery. Two very shiny paper hearts are suspended inside dark and silver niches.

Maybe I’m thinking dark thoughts because I’m listening to Bonnie Raitt’s great song “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” which has got to be one of the prettiest sad songs ever written. Bruce Hornsby is playing the piano; Bonnie’s singing in that smooth, sultry voice of hers. Just makes me want to have a shot of tequila or something.

Here’s a little poem I thought up while I was waiting for my son at the mall the other day.

Spilling Over
Everything is spilling over
The girl’s breasts are spilling out
of her too-tight bra
and low-scooped shirt.
The man’s gut is spilling over
his silver belt buckle
and low slung denims.
The goth girl’s thighs
are spilling out of the rips
in her black fishnet stockings.
The teenage boy’s striped boxers
and butt are spilling out
of his sagging bagging pants.
The top of that woman’s feet
are spilling out of her strappy
spikey little sandals.
The teenager’s belly is spilling
out from below her tanky top
and over hip hugger jeans.
And I just stand here, watching,
wanting to stuff everything
back in where it belongs.

One thought on “Contemporary Wall Decor :: Stone Heart

  1. I really love that image of everything spilling over. I had just the same thought at the park the other day when a young woman was literally bursting from the seams, and in not a flattering way! I am not the least bit a prude–I remember thinking to myself she would probably look better naked than having all those various bulges popping out. Of course, with my forty something momma’s body, I am in no situation to judge!

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